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Ahmadipour S., Winsbury R., Köhler D., Pergolizzi G., Nepogodiev S., Chessa S., Dedola S., Wang M., Voglmeir J., Field R.A. (2023): β-1,2-Oligomannan phosphorylase-mediated synthesis of potential oligosaccharide vaccine candidates. Carbohydrate Research  (in press). (link)

Pai C., Lu H., Ma J., Eichler J., Guan Z., Gao L., Liu L., Zhou H., Yang J., Jin C. (2023): AepG is a glucuronosyltransferase involved in acidic exopolysaccharide synthesis and contributes to environmental adaptation of Haloarcula hispanica. Journal of Biological Chemistry 299 (2):102911. (link)

Liu Y, Hu X., Voglmeir J.†, Liu L.† (2023): N-glycan profiles as a tool in qualitative and quantitative analysis of goat milk adulteration. Food Chemistry, 136116. (link)

Guo R.R., Lageveen-Kammeijer G.S.M., Wang W., Dalebout H., Zhang W., Wuhrer M., Liu L.†, Heijs B.†, Voglmeir J.† (2023). Analysis of Immunogenic Galactose-α-1,3-galactose-Containing N-Glycans in Beef, Mutton, and Pork Tenderloin by Combining Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization-Mass Spectroscopy and Capillary Electrophoresis Hyphenated with Mass Spectrometry via Electrospray Ionization. Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry   71 (9):4184-4192. (link)
Crouch L.I., Urbanowicz P.A., Baslé A., Cai Z.P., Liu L., Voglmeir J., Melo Diaz J.M., Benedict S.T., Spencer D.I.R., Bolam D.N. (2022): Plant N-glycan breakdown by human gut Bacteroides. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA  119 (39):e2208168119. (link)

Chen L.S., Laborda P., Cai Z., Hagan A.K., Lu A., Voglmeir J., Liu L.* (2022): Novel chemical- and protein-mediated methods for glucosamine detection. Food Materials Research (2), 19. (link)

Ghirardello M.*, Zhang Y.Y., Voglmeir J., Galan M.C. (2022): Recent applications of ionic liquid-based tags in glycoscience. Carbohydrate Research  520:108643. (link)

Guo R.R., Zhang T.C., Lambert T.O.T., Wang T., Voglmeir J., Rand K.D., Liu L. (2022): PNGase H+ variant from Rudaea cellulosilytica with improved deglycosylation efficiency for rapid analysis of eukaryotic N-glycans and HDX-MS analysis of glycoproteins. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry  36 (21):e9376. (link)

Zhang J., Xia Y., Wang D., Du Y., Chen Y., Zhang C., Mao J., Wang M., She Y.M., Peng X., Liu L., Voglmeir J., He Z., Liu L., Li J. (2022): A Predominant Role of AtEDEM1 in Catalyzing a Rate-Limiting Demannosylation Step of an Arabidopsis Endoplasmic Reticulum-Associated Degradation Process. Frontiers in Plant Science  13:952246. (link)

Gramlich M., Maier S., Kaiser P.D., Traenkle B., Wagner T.R., Voglmeir J., Stoll D., Rothbauer U., Zeck A.* (2022): A Novel PNGase Rc for Improved Protein N-Deglycosylation in Bioanalytics and Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange Coupled With Mass Spectrometry Epitope Mapping under Challenging Conditions. Analytical Chemistry   94 (27):9863-71. (link)

Hu Z.X., Cheng C., Li Y.Q., Qi X.H., Wang T., Liu L.†, Voglmeir J.† (2022): Recombinant snail sialic acid aldolase is promiscuous towards aliphatic aldehydes. Chembiochem  23(13):e202200074. (link)

Cheng C., Hu Z.X., He M., Liu L.†, Voglmeir J.† (2022): Recombinant human N-acetylneuraminate lyase as a tool to study clinically relevant mutant variants. Carbohydrate Research  516:108561. (link)

Velickovic D.*, Yen-Chen L., Thibert S., Velickovic M., Anderton C., Voglmeir J., Stacey G., Zhou M. (2022): Spatial mapping of plant N-glycosylation cellular heterogeneity inside soybean root nodules provided insights into legume-rhizobia symbiosis. Frontiers in Plant Science  13:869281. (link)

Jin-Min Shi J.M., Wu T.T., Zhou H., Zhang Y.Y., Liu L., Widmalm G.†, Voglmeir J.† (2022): Substrate promiscuities of a bacterial galactokinase and a glucose-1-phosphate uridyltransferase enable xylose salvaging. Green Chemistry  (24), 3717-3722. (link)

Cao R., Li J.X., Chen H., Cao C., Zheng F., Huang K., Chen Y.R., Flitsch S.L., Liu L.†, Voglmeir J.† (2022): Complete shift in glycosyl donor specificity in mammalian, but not C. elegans β1,4‐GalT1 Y286L mutants, enables the synthesis of N,N‐diacetyllactosamine. Chemcatchem 14, (7) e202101699. (link)

Wang T., Liu L.†, Voglmeir J.† (2022): mAbs N-glycosylation: Implications for biotechnology and analytics. Carbohydrate Research  (514), 108541. (link)

Yin B., Lin X. Wang T., Liu L.* (2022): Detailed characterization of antipathogenic properties of human milk N-glycome, against Staphylococcus aureus, indicating its targeting on cell surface proteins. ACS Infectious Diseases 8 (3) 635–644. (link)

Mao H., Li S., Yin B., Lin X., Guo J., Wang T., Voglmeir J.†, Liu L.† (2022): The mechanism of probiotic action of human milk N-glycome towards B. infantis ATCC 15697 and identification of the principal functional components. Food Chemistry  384, 132532. (link)

Lin X., Yao H., Guo J., Huang Y., Wang W., Yin B., Li X., Wang T., Li C., Xu X., Zhou G., Voglmeir J.†, Liu L.† (2022): Protein Glycosylation and Gut Microbiota Utilization Can Limit the In Vitro and In Vivo Metabolic Cellular Incorporation of Neu5Gc. Molecular Nutrition and Food Research  66 (5), 2100615. (link) (inside front cover)

Comamala G., Krogh C.C., Nielsen V.S., Kutter J.P., Voglmeir J., Rand K.D. (2021): Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry with Integrated Electrochemical Reduction and Microchip-Enabled Deglycosylation for Epitope Mapping of Heavily Glycosylated and Disulfide-Bonded Proteins. Analytical Chemistry  93 (49): 16330–16340. (link)

Wang T., Jia X., Liu L.†, Voglmeir J.† (2021): Changes in protein N-glycosylation during the fruit development and ripening in melting-type peach. Food Materials Research 1: 2. (link)

Zhang Y.Y., Ghirardello M., Wang T., Lu A.M., Liu L., Voglmeir J., Galan M.C. (2021): Imidazolium labelling permits the sensitive mass-spectrometric detection of N-glycosides directly from serum. Chemical Communications 57: 7003-7006. (link)

Lyu Y., Zheng F., Qiu C., Wang M., Wang D., Zhang X., Voglmeir J., Liu L., and Yu X. (2021): Heterologous Expression of a Thermostable Chitinase from Myxococcus xanthus and Its Application for High Yield Production of Glucosamine from Shrimp Shell. Foods  10(11): 2808.

Senan A.M., Yin B., Zhang Y., Nasiru M.M., Lyu Y.M., Umair M., Bhat J.A., Zhang S., and Liu L.† (2021): Efficient and selective catalytic hydroxylation of unsaturated plant oils: a novel method for producing anti-pathogens. BMC Chemistry 15: 20. (link)

Han Y.Y., Yue H.Y., Zhang X.Y., Lyu Y.M., Liu L.†, and Voglmeir J.† (2021) Construction and Evaluation of Peptide-Linked Lactobacillus brevis β-Galactosidase Heterodimers. Protein Peptide Letters 28(2): 221-228. (link)

Wang T., Yang H.H., Zhao H.W., Voglmeir J., and Liu L.* (2021): Changes of Protein N-glycosylation in the Growth of Arabidopsis thaliana and Effects of Enzymatic Deglycosylation on Root Development. Chinese Bulletin of Botany  56(3): 262-274. (link)

Laborda P., Lyu Y.M., Parmeggiani F., Lu A.M., Wang W.J., Huang Y.Y., Huang K., Guo J., Liu L.†, Flitsch S.†, and Voglmeir J.† (2020): Enzymatic N-Acylation Step Enables the Biocatalytic Synthesis of Unnatural Sialosides. Angewandte Chemie International Edition  59, 5308 –5312. (link) Inside Cover (link)

Cao R., Zhang T.C., Chen Y.R., Cao C., Chen H., Huang Y.F., Fujita M., Liu L., Voglmeir J.† (2020): Aberration of Serum and Tissue N-Glycans in Mouse β1,4-GalT1 Y286L Mutant Variants. Glycoconjugate Journal  37(6): 767-775. (link)

Comamala G., Madsen J.B., Voglmeir J., Du Y.M., Jensen P.F., Østerlund E.C., Trelle M.B., Jørgensen T.J.D., Rand K.D. (2020): Deglycosylation by the Acidic Glycosidase PNGase H+ Enables Analysis of N-Linked Glycoproteins by Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry. Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry  31(11): 2305-2312. (link)

Yue H., Han Y.Y., Yin B., Cheng C., and Liu L.* (2020): Comparison of anti-pathogenic effect towards Staphylococcus aureus of N-linked and free oligosaccharides derived from human, bovine and goat milk. Journal of Food Science  DOI: 10.1111/1750-3841.15150 (link)

Wang M.M., Zhang Y.Y., Yao H.L., Liu L.†, and Voglmeir J.† (2020): Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of a N-Propionyl-Neuraminic Acid Derivative and its Application in the Determination of the Sialic Acid Content in Poultry Eggs. Science and Technology of Food Industry  TS253.7 (link)

Guo R.R., Comamala G., Yang. H.H., Gramlich M., Du Y.M., Wang T., Zeck A., Rand K.D., Liu L.†, and Voglmeir J.† (2020): Discovery of highly active recombinant PNGase H+ variants through the rational exploration of unstudied acidobacterial genomes. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology  8:741. (link)

Kulinich A., Wang Q., Duan X.C., Lyu Y.M., Zhang X.Y., Awad F.N., Liu L.†, and Voglmeir J.† (2020): Biochemical characterization of the endo-α-N-acetylgalactosaminidase pool of the human gut symbiont Tyzzerella nexilis. Carbohydrate Research 490:107962. (link)

Zhu L., Lu X., Liu L., Voglmeir J., Zhong X., and Yu Q. (2020): Akkermansia muciniphila protects intestinal mucosa from damage caused by S. pullorum by initiating proliferation of intestinal epithelium. Veterenary Research 51(1):34. (link)

Wang T., Liu L., and Voglmeir J.* (2020): Chemoenzymatic synthesis of ultralow and low-molecular weight heparins. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Proteins and Proteomics 1868(2): 1400301. (link)

Mohseni A.H., Taghinezhad-Saroukalaei S., Voglmeir J.* (2020): Recombinant Glycoenzyme Production in Gram-Positive Bacteria - An Overview. Trends in Glycoscience and Glycotechnology  32(187):  E99-E104. (link)

Zheng F., Du Y., Lin X., Zhou L., Bai Y., Yu X., Voglmeir J., and Liu L. (2019): N-Glycosylation Plays An Essential and Species-Specific Role in Anti-Infection Function of Milk Proteins Using Listeria monocytogenes as the Model Pathogen. Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry  67(38): 10774-10781. (link)

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Zhang Y.Y., Senan A.M., Wang T., Liu L. and Voglmeir J. (2019): 1-(2-Aminoethyl)-3-methyl-1H-imidazol-3-ium tetrafluoroborate: synthesis and application in carbohydrate analysis. Pure and Applied Chemistry  91(9): 1441–1450. (link)

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Cai Z.P., Conway L.P., Huang Y.Y., Wang W.J., Laborda P., Wang T., Lu A.M., Yao H.L., Huang K., Flitsch S.L., Liu L.† and Voglmeir J.† (2019): Enzymatic Synthesis of Trideuterated Sialosides. Molecules  24(7): 1368. (link)

Du T., Ouyang H., Voglmeir J., Wilson I.B.H., Jin C. (2019): Aspergillus fumigatus Mnn9 is responsible for mannan synthesis and required for covalent linkage of mannoprotein to the cell wall. Fungal Genetics & Biology  (128): 20-28. (link)

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Wang M., Zheng F., Wang T., Lyu Y.M., Alteen M.G., Cai Z.P., Cui Z.L., Liu L.†, and Voglmeir J. (2019): Characterization of Stackebrandtia nassauensis GH 20 Beta-Hexosaminidase, a Versatile Biocatalyst for Chitobiose Degradation. International Journal of Molecular Sciences  20(5): 1243. (link)

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