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Wang T., Liu L., and Voglmeir J.* (2019): Chemoenzymatic synthesis of ultralow and low-molecular weight heparins. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Proteins and Proteomics  (in press), DOI: 10.1016/j.bbapap.2019.140301. (link)

Zheng F., Du Y., Lin X., Zhou L., Bai Y., Yu X., Voglmeir J., and Liu L. (2019): N-Glycosylation Plays An Essential and Species-Specific Role in Anti-Infection Function of Milk Proteins Using Listeria monocytogenes as the Model Pathogen. Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry  (in press), DOI: 10.1021/acs.jafc.9b03154. (link)

Zhao F., Zhou G., Liu X., Song S., Xu X., Hooiveld G., Müller M., Liu L., Kristiansen K., and Li C. (2019): Dietary Protein Sources Differentially Affect the Growth of Akkermansia muciniphila and Maintenance of the Gut Mucus Barrier in Mice. Molecular Nutrition & Food Research  (in press), DOI: 10.1002/mnfr.201900589. (link)

Shi Z., Yin B., Li Y., Zhou G., Li C., Xu X.L., Luo X., Zhang X., Qi J., Voglmeir J.†, and Liu L. (2019): N-glycan profile as a tool in qualitative and quantitative analysis of meat adulteration. Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry  (in press), DOI: 10.1021/acs.jafc.9b03756. (link)

Mattey A.P., Birmingham W.R., Both P., Kress N., Huang K., van Munster J.M., Bulmer G.S., Parmeggiani F., Voglmeir J., Martinez J.E.R., Turner N.J., and Flitsch S.L. (2019): Selective Oxidation of N-Glycolylneuraminic Acid Using an Engineered Galactose Oxidase Variant. ACS Catalysis (in press), DOI: 10.1021/acscatal.9b02873. (link)

Zhang Y.Y., Senan A.M., Wang T., Liu L. and Voglmeir J. (2019): 1-(2-Aminoethyl)-3-methyl-1H-imidazol-3-ium tetrafluoroborate: synthesis and application in carbohydrate analysis. Pure and Applied Chemistry  (in press), DOI: 10.1515/pac-2019-0117. (link)

Guo J., Cao C., Li Y.Q., Liu L., and Voglmeir J.* (2019): Heterologous Expression and Activity Study of a Novel Sialic Acid Aldolase Gene Derived from Pedobacter heparinus. Science and Technology of Food Industry  40(5): 136-143. (link)

Cai Z.P., Conway L.P., Huang Y.Y., Wang W.J., Laborda P., Wang T., Lu A.M., Yao H.L., Huang K., Flitsch S.L., Liu L.† and Voglmeir J.† (2019): Enzymatic Synthesis of Trideuterated Sialosides. Molecules  24(7): 1368. (link)

Du T., Ouyang H., Voglmeir J., Wilson I.B.H., Jin C. (2019): Aspergillus fumigatus Mnn9 is responsible for mannan synthesis and required for covalent linkage of mannoprotein to the cell wall. Fungal Genetics & Biology  (128): 20-28. (link)

Lyu Y.M., Li  Y.Q., Song H.B., Guo J., Wang T., Liu L., Yedid G., and Voglmeir J. (2019): A Converging Strategy for the Generation of a Virtually Sequenced cDNA Library from Unreferenced Pacific Oysters. Journal of Visualized Experiments  (148): e59462. (link)

Hu X.C., Wang T., Cai Z.P., Liu L., and Voglmeir J.† (2019): Study on the Minimal Sugar Structure Substrate of N-Glycosidase PNGase. Science and Technology of Food Industry  40(11): 12-17. (link)

Mu C., Cai Z., Bian G., Du Y., Ma S., Su Y., Liu L., Voglmeir J., Huang R and Zhu W. (2019): New Insights into Porcine Milk N-Glycome and the Potential Relation with Offspring Gut Microbiome. Journal of Proteome Research  18(3): 1114-1124. (link)

Wang M., Zheng F., Wang T., Lyu Y.M., Alteen M.G., Cai Z.P., Cui Z.L., Liu L.†, and Voglmeir J. (2019): Characterization of Stackebrandtia nassauensis GH 20 Beta-Hexosaminidase, a Versatile Biocatalyst for Chitobiose Degradation. International Journal of Molecular Sciences  20(5): 1243. (link)

Wang T., Zheng S.L., Liu L.† and Voglmeir J.† (2019): Development of a colorimetric PNGase activity assay. Carbohydrate Research  472: 58–64. (link)

Guo B.S., Zheng F., Crouch L., Cai Z.P., Wang M., Bolam D.N., Liu L.† and Voglmeir J.† (2018): Cloning, purification and biochemical characterisation of a GH35 beta-1,3/beta-1,6-galactosidase from the mucin-degrading gut bacterium Akkermansia muciniphila. Glycoconjugate Journal  35(3): 255-263. (link)

Du Y.M., Zheng S.L., Liu L., Voglmeir J.†, and Yedid G.† (2018): Analysis of N-glycans from Raphanus sativus Cultivars Using PNGase H+. Journal of Visualized Experiments  (136): e57979.  (link)

Song H.B., He M., Cai Z.P., Huang K., Flitsch S.L., Liu L.† and Voglmeir J.† (2018): UDP-glucose 4-epimerase and β-1,4-galactosyltransferase from the oyster Magallana gigas as valuable biocatalysts for the production of galactosylated products. International Journal of Molecular Sciences  19(6): 1600. (link)

Both P.,  Riese M.,  Gray C.J.,  Huang K.,  Pallister E., Kosov I., Conway L.P.,  Voglmeir J.  and Flitsch S.L. (2018): Applications of a highly α2,6-selective pseudosialidase. Glycobiology  28 (5): 261–268. (link)

Wang M., Zhang X.Y., Guo R.R., Cai Z.P., Hu X.C., Chen H., Wei S., Voglmeir J.†, Liu L.† (2018): Cloning, purification and biochemical characterization of two β-N-acetylhexosaminidases from the mucin-degrading gut bacterium Akkermansia muciniphila. Carbohydrate Research  457: 1-7. (link)

Huang K., Parmeggiani F., Pallister E., Huang C.J., Liu F.F., Li Q., Birmingham W.R., Both P., Thomas B., Liu L., Voglmeir J., Flitsch S. (2018): Characterisation of a bacterial galactokinase with high activity and broad substrate tolerance for chemoenzymatic synthesis of 6‐aminogalactose‐1‐phosphate and analogues. ChemBioChem  19(4): 388-394. (link)

Conway L.P., Li Q., Liu F.F. and Voglmeir J.† (2017): The Shewanella woodyi galactokinase pool phosphorylates glucose at the 6-position. Carbohydrate Research  455: 39-44. (link)

Awad F.N., Laborda P., Wang M., Lu A.M., Li Q., Cai Z.P., Liu L.†, Voglmeir J.† (2017): Discovery and biochemical characterization of a mannose Phosphorylase catalyzing the synthesis of novel β-1,3-Mannosides. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta  1861 (12): 3231-3237. (link)

Chen H., Cao C., Kulinich A., Liu L.†, Jung Y.S.†, Voglmeir J.† (2017): Engineering of an episomal plasmid suitable for high-throughput expression in Pichia pastoris. Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening  20 (8): 726-733. (link)

Li Q., Huang Y.Y., Conway L.P., He M., Wei S., Huang K., Duan X.C., Flitsch S.L., Voglmeir J.* (2017): Discovery and Biochemical Characterization of a Thermostable Glucose-1-phosphate Nucleotidyltransferase from Thermodesulfatator indicus. Protein & Peptide Letters   24 (8): 729-734. (link)

Laborda P., Wang S.Y., Lu A.M., He M., Duan X.C., Qian J.Y., Jung S.Y., Liu L.†, Voglmeir J.† (2017): Diastereoselective One-step Synthesis of 2-Keto-3-deoxy-D-glycero-D-galacto-nononic acid (KDN) Analogues as Templates for the Development of Influenza Drugs. Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 359 (18): 3120-3125. (link)

Wei S., Zhang X.Y., Sun Y., Conway L.P., Liu L.* (2017): Discovery and Biochemical Characterization of UDP-Glucose Dehydrogenase from Akkermansia muciniphila.  Protein & Peptide Letters 24 (8) 735-741. (link)

Wang S.Y., Laborda P., Lu A.M, Wang M., Duan X.C, Liu L.†, Voglmeir J.† (2017). Chemo-enzymatic approach to access diastereopure α-substituted GlcNAc derivatives. Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry  35, 423-434. (link)

Wang T., Hu X.C., Cai Z.P., Voglmeir J.†, Liu L.† (2017): Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Carbohydrate Modification on Glycoproteins from Seeds of Ginkgo biloba. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry  65 (35), 7669-7679. (link)

Wang M., Wei S., Wang T., , Voglmeir J., Liu L.* (2017). Gene cloning, expression, purification and characterization of a beta-N-acetylhexosaminidase from Solitalea Canadensis. Acta Microbiologica Sinica  57 (8), 1270-1282. (link)

Min Y.Q., Duan X.C., Zhou Y.D., Kulinich A., Wang M., Cai Z.P., Ma H.Y., Liu L., Zhang X.L.†, Voglmeir J.† (2017): Effects of Microvirin Mono- and Oligomers on Hepatitis C Virus. Bioscience Reports  37 (3) BSR20170015. (link)

Wang W.L., Wang W., Du Y.M., Wu H., Yu X.B., Ye K.P., Li C.B., Jung Y.S., Voglmeir J.†, Liu Li.† (2017): Comparison of Anti-Pathogenic Activities of the Human and Bovine Milk N-Glycome: Fucosylation is a Key Factor. Food Chemistry 235:167-174. (link)

Cao C., Wang W.J., Huang Y.Y., Yao H.L., Conway L.P., Liu L.†, Voglmeir J.† (2017): Determination of Sialic Acids in Liver and Milk Samples of Wild-type and Cmah Knock-out Mice. Journal of Visualized Experiments  (125): e56030. (link)

Wang W.L., Du Y.M., Wang W., Conway L.P., Cai Z.P., Voglmeir J.† and Liu L.† (2017): Comparison of the Bifidogenic Activity of Human and Bovine Milk N-glycome. Journal of Functional Foods  33, 40-51. (link)

Cai Z.P., Wang W.L., Conway L.P., Huang K., Awad F.N., Liu L. and Voglmeir J. (2017): 1,3-Di(2-dipyridyl)propan-1,3-dione – a new fluorogenic labeling reagent for milk oligosaccharides. Pure and Applied Chemistry  89 (7), 921-930. (link)

Lv Y.M., Laborda P., Huang K., Cai Z.P., Wang M., Lu A.M., Doherthy C., Liu L.†, Flitsch S.†, Voglmeir J.† (2017): Highly efficient and selective biocatalytic production of glucosamine from chitin. Green Chemistry  19, 527-535. (link)

Huang Y., Feng F., Jiang J., Qiao Y., Wu T., Voglmeir J., Chen Z.G. (2017): Green and efficient extraction of rutin from tartary buckwheat hull by using natural deep eutectic solvents. Food Chemistry  221, 1400-1405. (link)

Wang S.Y., Laborda P., Lu A.M., Duan X.C., Ma H.Y., Liu L.†, Voglmeir J.† (2016): N-acetylglucosamine 2-Epimerase from Pedobacter heparinus: First Experimental Evidence of a Deprotonation/Reprotonation Mechanism. Catalysts 6, 212. (link)

Laborda P., Wang S.Y., Voglmeir J.* (2016): Influenza neuraminidase inhibitors: synthetic approaches, derivatives and biological activity. Molecules  21(11): E1513. (link)

Awad F.N., Kulinich A., Yao M.Y., Duan C.X., Cai Z.P., Gu B., Liu L.† and Voglmeir J.† (2016): Enzymatic Glycosylation of Indoxyglycosides Catalyzed by a Novel Maltose Phosphorylase from Emticicia oligotrophica. Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry  35 (6): 301-314. (link)

Gu B., Laborda P., Wei S., Song H.B., Duan X.C., Liu L.†, Voglmeir J.† (2016): Discovery and Biochemical Characterization of the UDP-Xylose Biosynthesis Pathway in Sphaerobacter thermophilus. Protein & Peptide Letters  23 (12) :1103-1110. (link)

Wang M.M., Laborda P., Conway L.P., Duan X.C., Huang K., Liu L., Voglmeir J.† (2016): An integrated 3D-printed platform for the automated isolation of N-glycans. Carbohydrate Research 433: 14-17. (link)

Kulinich A., Liu L.* (2016): Human milk oligosaccharides: The role in the fine-tuning of innate immune responses. Carbohydrate Research 432: 62-70. (link)

Conway L.P., Voglmeir J.* (2016): Functional analysis of anomeric sugar kinases. Carbohydrate Research 432: 23-30. (link)
Yao H.L., Conway L.P., Wang M.M., Huang K., Liu L., Voglmeir J.(2016): Quantification of sialic acids in red meat by UPLC-FLD using indoxylsialosides as internal standards. Glycoconjugate Journal  33 (2): 219-226. (link)
Liu S., Kulinich A., Cai Z.P., Ma H.Y., Du Y.M., Lv Y.M., Liu L., Voglmeir J. (2016): The Fucosidase-Pool of Emticicia oligotrophica: Biochemical Characterisation and Transfucosylation Potential. Glycobiology 26 (8): 871-879. (link)
Liu F.F., Kulinich A., Du Y.M., Liu L., Voglmeir J. (2016): Sequential processing of mannose-containing glycans by two α-mannosidases from Solitalea canadensis. Glycoconjugate Journal 33 (2) 159-168. (link)
Du M.Y., Xia T., Gu X.Q., Wang T., Ma H.Y., Voglmeir J., Liu L. (2015): A rapid sample preparation methodology for plant N-glycan analysis using acid stable PNGase H⁺. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry  63(48):10550-5. (link)
Hykollari A., Eckmair B., Voglmeir J., Jin C., Yan S., Vanbeselaere J., Razzazi-Fazeli E., Wilson I.B., Paschinger K. (2015): More than just oligomannose: an N-glycomic comparison of Penicillium species. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 15(1):73-92 (link)
Kulinich A., Liu S., Ma H.Y., Lv Y.M., Liu L., Voglmeir J. (2015): Identification and Characterization of Two Novel Alpha-D-Galactosidases from Pedobacter heparinus. Protein & Peptide Letters 22, 1052-1059. (link)
Huang K., Wang M.M., Kulinich A., Yao H.L., Ma H.Y., Martínezc J.E.R., Duan X.C., Chen H., Cai Z.P., Flitsch S.L., Liu L., Voglmeir J. (2015): Biochemical characterisation of the neuraminidase pool of the human gut symbiont Akkermansia muciniphila. Carbohydrate Research 415:60-5. (link)
Duan X.C., Chen H., Liu F.F., Conway L.P., Wei S., Cai Z.P., Liu L., Voglmeir J. (2015): One Assay for All: Exploring Small Molecule Phosphorylation using Amylose-Polyiodide Complexes. Analytical Chemistry 87 (19): 9546-9550. (link)
Wen S., Zhou G., Song S., Xu X., Voglmeir J., Liu L., Zhao .F, Li M., Li L., Yu X., Bai Y., Li C. (2015): Discrimination of in vitro and in vivo digestion products of meat proteins from pork, beef, chicken and fish. Proteomics 15 (21): 3688-98. (link)
Duan X.C., Lu A.M., Gu B., Cai Z.P., Ma H.Y., Wei S., Laborda P., Liu L., Voglmeir J. (2015): Functional characterization of the UDP-xylose biosynthesis pathway in Rhodothermus marinus. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 99(22):9463-72. (link)
Wei S., Kulinich A., Duan X.C., Liu L. and Voglmeir J. (2015): Discovery and Biochemical Characterization of UDP-Glucose Dehydrogenase from Granulibacter bethesdensis Protein & Peptide Letters 22, 628-634. (link)
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Cai Z.P., Hagan A.K., Wang M.M., Flitsch S.L., Liu L., Voglmeir J. (2014): 2-Pyridylfuran: A New Fluorescent Tag for the Analysis of Carbohydrates. Analytical Chemistry 86, 5179-86. (link)
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Liu L., Tharmalingam T., Maischberger E., Albrecht S., Gallagher M.E., Miranda-Casoluengo R., Meijer W.G., Rudd P.M., Irwin J.A. (2013): A HPLC-based glycoanalytical protocol allows the use of natural O-glycans derived from glycoproteins as substrates for glycosidase discovery from microbial culture. Glycoconjugate Journal 30 (8) 791-800. (link)

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Sardzik R., Green A.P., Laurent N., Both P., Fontana C., Voglmeir J., Weissenborn M.J., Haddoub R., Grassi P., Haslam S.M., Widmalm G., and Flitsch S.L. (2012): Chemoenzymatic synthesis of O-mannosylpeptides in solution and on solid phase. Journal of the American Chemical Society 134, 4521-4524. (link)

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Carrington S.D., Irwin J.A., Liu L., Rudd P.M., Matthews E., Corfield A.P. (2012): Analysing mucin degradation. Methods in Molecular Biology. 842, 191-215. (link)

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